Thursday, May 20, 2010

High Bridge Park

So...technically not in Lexington, but it was too good not to write about. Today I visited High Bridge Park in Jessamine County just past Wilmore. BEAUTIFUL place!!! A bunch of different covered dining areas, playground, museum and history building, a great entertainment pavilion and a great outlook point for scenic views of the bridge. I stopped at Main &Maple in Nicholasville on my way out there and made a little picnic out of it.

(Maybe I'll make it a side interest this summer of learning how to take a proper picture.)

Admission is free.


Lexington, Kentucky is a city that I've lived in, worked in, played in my entire life, but it's a city that I've never visited. So summer 2010 is the time to explore Lexington. I'll be visiting museums, restaurants, events, places, landmarks that I've never been before and write about them to let you know what's going on around this Southern city. I hope you'll join me for some of them. It's time to LEXplore!!!