Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lexington History Museum

Thursday I took a trek with my brother, Parker, and sister, Meredith to the Lexington History Museum located in the historic old Lexington Courthouse. It was a welcome indoor activity after outdoor plans were thwarted by the heat or so we thought until we found out the museum was only half air conditioned. For some reason the first floor exhibits were closed that day but the floors two and three held enough to keep us entertained for a few hours. One of the biggest parts of the museum is mostly architectural bits salvaged from renovations all over the city. One of the biggest things I took away from the museum was how bad the 60s and 70's were for buildings downtown; going through massive urban renewal definitely a very unique cityscape replacing it with parking lots and generic buildings. Other features were the World Equestrian Games art exhibit and a black and white photographic exhibit of African American life in the area. Less exciting things were the IBM typewriter journey through time We and a mediocre train display (which was sad sad 'cause I have a soft spot for trains). We did see a lot of neat things about the city but it might be more fun done in connection with the Lexington Farmer's Market on a Saturday that a trip unto it own. It may had been more fun with a guided tour with someone to really tell us what we were looking at.

Tours are self guided and free.

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